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Hi there! Welcome to the Santa Cruz Republicans! Yes! There are many of us here, even though it may seem like you’ve been alone; you’re not!

We are the official party of the county, elected every four years and work directly with the CAGOP to help get locals elected and appointed to positions where they can make impactful decisions with conservative values. Every single county in California has a Central Committee, and I have been meeting and working with other Chairs to see what is working in their counties to help grow our party and make a difference. There is progress happening, and we can all help make this grow! The one-party system needs to end!

Truly, I’m honored to be representing our county and love living here. It doesn’t hurt that the Democrat’s business as usual approach continues to not work, and businesses and smart folks are waking up to this fact. We all have friends who have moved away, and countless other who have talked about it. Please don’t go! California is worth fighting for, and Santa Cruz County is one of the best spots in the state. Join us! Get involved! Show up!

Our biggest issuesAffordability! The taxes on top of taxes are just ridiculous and drive up the cost of everything. This election cycle has many of our members working hard to make sure these taxes don’t pass.

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Homeless and crime – everyone is affected by both issues. Efforts to help aren’t working, in fact, it’s getting worse! We are bringing in speakers, and after years of trying, finally got a conservative appointed to a commission to help fix the problems. Our state is battling the problems we were left with from AB 109, Prop 47 & Prop 57. There are groups fighting to reverse this damange. Join us in helping take back our state and give power back to our brave police departments. Click for Informative Homeless & Crime links

Business – California is making it difficult to be in business here. We are trying to help navigate this process locally for those who want to start something new, as well as encourage those who live here to support all of the local businesses we can. If you have a business, let us know how we can help!

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Education – our schools are overrun with a one-sided political message. We are putting together a plan to get our voices heard. It’s not going to happen overnight, but the Trump Administration signed into law that all Civics classes must have equal teachings, so we intend to help make that happen in Santa Cruz County.

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Environment – Nothing wrong with eliminating plastics and reducing our footprints. We’ve adopted beaches and are big advocates for environmental responsibility. Our candidates have great resources and ideas to continue our efforts to protect our precious Monterey Bay.

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Border ControlThere is a huge problem with letting people walk into our country unvetted, but that is what is happening at a rampant pace. We must do something to bring some sense to this issue. This issue actually unites us with the majority of Americans. Please continue to talk about this issue and fight for the proper way to enter this country. There have been almost 100,000 excess deaths due to fentanyl coming into the United States’ Southern border. We MUST take a stand to keep the bad guys and their drugs, human trafficking, and criminals out of our state and country!

Fund (Defund) the PoliceWhat a disaster this social justice idea has become. We support our law enforcement and believe that MORE is better. Of course there are bad cops who deserve to be relieved of their duties but we believe that there are way more good ones. Just like any profession, not all people are perfect. One good thing that has come out of this is the need to address the mentally ill component of crime. If we can educate and help more people before they turn to hurting others, this is a good thing.

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California’s taxes are the highest in the country. Why?

Boondoggles (Can you say Bullet Train?)

The web site below contains many informative links reading the BILLIONs of $$ being wasted. The bullet train’s features were mis-represented to taxpayers. The present project bears little resemblance to the original proposal(2008, Prop 1A). Cost have escalated by a factor of more than x2!! A classic bait and switch boondogle. This will be the most expensive construction project in human history ! The web site below contains 100s of informative links.

Medical Expenses

Potentially fulfilling a nearly decade-long push by activists, Newsom said he is ready to expand access to Medi-Cal, the state’s health insurance program for the poor, to all California residents regardless of immigration status. The state has already opened Medi-Cal to undocumented residents until they turn 26 and once they turn 50, but making the program universally available would be a first nationwide. The expansion would take effect in 2024 and cover about 700,000 more people, at a cost of about $2.2 billion per year


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The California Housing and Homeless budget for 2021-22 budget is $10.7 billion. The present plan to house all homeless individuals is extremely expensive due to the ever increasing number of homeless individuals.

M. Shellenberger on his Book “San Fran-Sicko”, Homeless, Drugs, Mental Illness, & Housing discussed.

Venice Beach, EpochTimes interviews local Venice Beach resident, Homelessness, Drugs, mental Illness, & Housing discussed.

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High School Standards

Teaching for Success, by Kari Lake, Candidate for Governor, Arizona

Arizona students need a great education, they deserve a great education. I will stop the “woke” curriculum overtaking our schools and ensure our kids are given the tools they need to grow and be successful in every phase of life.

No child should ever be taught that their skin color, or where they come from, is what defines them. That is racism, pure and simple, no matter what anyone wants to call it. It needs to stop. This craziness is teaching kids to be suspicious of, even fear, their classmates. It’s teaching them to judge every single aspect of life through a racial lens. And it’s destroying their self-confidence. It must stop.

Teacher’s unions and school boards that continue to push this terrible ideology while trying to close schools again at every opportunity must be called out, voted out, and shut down. We’ve seen the abuses in this system, and what these radicals are doing: keeping parents in the dark, spying on them, and labeling them terrorists. When I become governor, all that ends. I will use the full power of my office to shine a light on these abuses and send the abusers running.

We’re going to get back to teaching American history, not anti-American history. That doesn’t mean ignoring our flaws, but it does mean standing up to the revisionist attacks on the past progressives are using to promote their ideology.

Instead, kids need real, quality education that starts with the basics and ensures students have a complete grasp of them, before moving on to the advanced learning they need to succeed in a high-tech, fast paced world. Schools, and students, must be held to the highest standard, and the excuses for not doing so need to stop, also.

As Governor, I will ensure that our schools have the resources and support they need to give our kids their very best chance at a lifetime of success. I will ensure that parents have every available option to give their kids the best education possible – great public schools, great charter schools, great technical schools, and real support for homeschool parents.

We’re going to fund students not systems, and replace woke curriculum with education that gives our kids the real-world tools they need to achieve their dreams.

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