Stephanie Castro ENDORSED
Running for California State Assembly District 29
Brief info

Stephanie taught elementary and high school students for 6 years until her career ended when the pandemic began in 2020. But God had other plans for her and she realizes now that teaching was just a stepping stone for her real career as a future politician. She organized her first March for Freedom Rally in Hollister in December of 2020 when she started to see the politicized events of the pandemic and how they coincided with the election. She helped with the recall Gavin Newsom efforts by gathering signatures, and started the San Benito Patriots group and organized a Recall Gavin Newsom Rally just before the recall election. She feels very strongly for her fellow patriots and citizens that their voice matters and common sense matters in Sacramento and that is why she is taking her fight there for you!

My top issues
I will be tough on crime and will be the one standing and fighting for safer communities, voting to eliminate the gas tax, and finding common sense solutions to protect you from further inflation woes. I will fight for school choice and parental involvement in your children’s education.

Help us bring conservative values to Santa Cruz County.

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