Single-Payer Health Care


• Democrats are moving towards a socialist takeover of California’s health care industry, which makes up more than 12% of the state’s economy.

• AB1400, which goes to the floor for consideration on Monday, would spark the largest tax increase in state history, estimated at $163 billion.

• It would be exempt from Prop 13’s 2/3 vote requirement in the Legislature, so if their new plan runs out of money, the Democrats could raise taxes through just a simple majority vote.

• If they get their way, the same government behind the DMV, EDD, high-speed rail and wildfire prevention would be in charge of your health care.

• Californians who like their current plans will be kicked off, Medicare for California seniors will end, patients will wait months to see specialists, care will be rationed and hospitals will likely shut their doors.

• The economic fallout will be equally severe: middle-class workers will see their taxes jump; businesses will face staggering new tax bills and workers who negotiated health coverage with their employers will see their benefits taken away.

• That all adds up to an unpopular plan – a 2018 survey found that a clear majority of California voters rejected Democrats’ toxic combination of higher taxes and government health care.

• Even Joe Biden opposes increasing middle-class taxes and kicking people off their current plans to put the government in charge. Check out the Assembly Republicans new video to hear Joe Biden’s opposition, in his own words.


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