Homelessness is a very complex issue. A systematic approach can sort through the complexity and efficiently benefit the individuals and help cities and counties. Step #1 is to have cities and the county combine resources to establish a low barrier “Social Service Campus” with hygiene services and security. In effect a housing first staging area.

All informal tent camps scattered around cites and counties would be transferred to the Social Service Campus. Every campus resident would be assigned a case worker to assess their near-term needs and to create an improvement plan that will lead them toward more permanent shelter.

Links below provide more information on the challenges of helping the homeless transition to shelter.


Budget; The California Housing and Homeless budget for 2021-22 budget is $10.7 billion. The present plan to house all homeless individuals is extremely expensive due to the ever increasing number of homeless individuals.


Homeless Epidemic

M. Shellenberger comments on the Homeless epidemic and discusses his Book “San Fran-Sicko” which investigates how the Homeless are affect by Drugs, Mental Illness, & unaffordable Housing.


Venice Beach Homeless, Epoch Times interviews local Venice Beach resident, and they discuss the history of Housing First and Homelessness in Venice Beach. Several improvement programs are reviewed. 2012-12-04.


Diane, a homeless person, with substance abuse issues and a sad story, is interviewed by M. Shellenberger.


Thomas Wolf tells his story of how he kicked his drug habit and escaped homelessness.


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