Election Integrity Meeting 2-23-23 - Santa Cruz Republicans
Santa Cruz Republicans’ Kristin Collishaw (right), Peter Verbica (left) welcome Franklin Bodine (center), who discussed the Election Integrity Project on 2/22/23.

Election Integrity

Open, fair, and honest elections are the bedrock of our democratic institutions. Every eligible American citizen deserves to have faith that their vote will be reliably counted in order to preserve a government that is truly by the people, for the people.

The 2020 election, conducted in the midst of a once-in-a-century pandemic, was an anomaly. The coronavirus pandemic gave politicians an excuse to upend our voting processes with haphazard executive orders, anti-transparency measures, and eleventh-hour changes to our sacred democratic process.

That’s why the Republican party is launching the Committee on Election Integrity, dedicated to making elections transparent again. In the coming months, we will work tirelessly to promote common-sense, bipartisan reforms at the state level and fight a federal takeover of our elections. We’ll also build out an expansive Election Day Operations program, backed by nationwide legal efforts, to ensure the protection of the ballot box.

The Republican Party won’t stop fighting to protect the vote and ensure that Americans have faith in the integrity of our elections.

We want to hear from Republicans and other concerned voters about what you think the we should be doing to protect the integrity of our elections. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Election Integrity Project California
Website: https://www.eip-ca.com/

Below are Educational and information links regarding Election Integrity

RNC launches ‘Committee on Election Integrity’
BY TAL AXELROD – 02/17/21 03:45 PM EST


The Republican National Committee tapped Sen. Joe Gruters to chair a committee on election integrity nationwide. (Feb 2021)


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