• Republicans in California and across the country will continue to stand with parents and students.

• No child should be limited in their education simply because of their zip code. School Choice is about empowering parents with the ability to choose how and where their children receive their education.

• Republicans believe parents are best qualified to decide what works best works for their child’s education.

• Every child is unique, all children learn differently, and each child deserves an exceptional education.

• Polling shows support for school choice is at an all-time high. o Polling also reflects overwhelming support of minority Americans for school choice. o Among full-time working parents, polling shows support for school choice remains high.

• Unfortunately, under one-party Democrat rule, California is one of only 19 states whose governor did not recognize and proclaim this year’s School Choice Week.

• Recently released assessment results from the California Department of Education for students in 2020-2021 showed these devastating numbers for students who met or exceeded standard: o Science: 28.72% o Math: 33.76% o English: 49.01%

• The Democrat Party continues to stand in the way of school choice, charter schools, and school vouchers.

• Democrats frequently side with teachers’ unions, far-left school boards, and activist administrators.

• While Democrats attempt to remove options for parents, Republicans are fighting to expand them.

Our schools are overrun with a one-sided political message. We are putting together a plan to get our voices heard. It’s not going to happen overnight, but the Trump Administration signed into law that all Civics classes must have equal teachings, so we intend to help make that happen in Santa Cruz County.

Below are informative links regarding Education


Reducing High School Standards is Bigotry


Teaching for Success, by Kari Lake, Candidate for Governor, Arizona No child should ever be taught that their skin color, or where they come from, is what defines them. That is racism, pure and simple, no matter what anyone wants to call it. It needs to stop. This craziness is teaching kids to be suspicious of, even fear, their classmates. It’s teaching them to judge every single aspect of life through a racial lens. And it’s destroying their self-confidence. It must stop. See link below for full message from Kari Lake.


Dr. Carol M. Swain: Be the People News

Aug. 06, 2021 – 4:39 – Drs. Carol Swain and Christopher Schorr, the authors of ‘Black Eye for America: How Critical Race Theory Is Burning Down the House,’ argue that CRT ‘has permeated every institution’ and is ‘destroying our nation.’
YouTube Link, Dr Carol Swain weighs in on how CRT is burning down America.


Bill O’Reilly comments on Critical Race Theory in schools


Bill O’Reilly interviews Dr. Jason Hill regarding his book which explores CRT.


Baltimore, 200 out of 600 high school students test at 2nd grade or lower in reading. Education down, crime up.

Progressive leadership has failed Baltimore, link to video follows.


Dr Carol Swain was a Democrat before leaving the party around 2009 due to what she said was her Christian faith causing her to re-examine her worldview. In 2009, Swain became a Republican. See link below for her comments on CRT being a distraction from failing Democrat policies.


Tony Hall, SF Board Recall

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