Everyone is affected by crime. A crime wave is currently in process with an epidemic of “smash and grabs” plus car break-ins. These crimes and many others are at an all-time high. Laws passed by Democrats are to blame.

There is a statewide ballot measure that has qualified for the November ballot to readjust the problems we were left with from AB 109, Prop 47 & Prop 57. Join us in helping take back our state and give power back to our brave police departments Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (Rocklin) has introduced a bill to walk back most of proposition 47. “After years of failed policies and leadership, California is now experiencing an unprecedented surge in crime,” noted Kiley on Tuesday. “When you pass laws to legalize bad behavior and have prosecutors who fail to hold people accountable, this is the end result. It is time to end the failed experiment of Prop. 47 and give voters the opportunity to restore consequences and accountability to our criminal justice system.”

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Michael Shellenberger comments on Recent Crime Wave, and the Problems with Prop. 47 Jan 11,2022 – View PDF Here!


Los Angles can no longer protect its citizens!! Link below explains the situation. Dec 2021


Ordinary citizens feel the law has utterly vanished. Sometimes it simply is ignored, as we see with revolving-door criminals who kill, maim, and loot with near impunity. Sometimes the law simply is asymmetrically applied. The administration correctly jails those convicted of illegally entering the Capitol and trashing the chambers of government, but it then grants de facto amnesties to the thousands who deliberately injured, torched, and looted for 120 days of riots, death, and mayhem in 2020. From Victor Davis Hanson’s Article Jan 30, 2021, link is below.


Early Release Of 76K California Inmates:

Civil Lawsuit to stop Forty-four CA district attorneys joined the suit against the state’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Link below provides additional information May, 2021


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid have returned!

Crime ridden LA now plagued with Train Robberies!!

NBC LA, Eric Leonard and Andrew Blankstein

More Than 80 Guns Stolen From LA Cargo Trains in Recent Months, Sources Say
More than 80 newly-manufactured guns were among the items stolen from cargo trains near Los Angeles in recent months, according to two law enforcement sources familiar with the matter.

The pilfered firearms, which included at least 36 pistols and 46 semi-automatic shotguns, were taken from a container car that was burglarized last August. The shipment’s destination was Tennessee, the sources said.

Only two have been recovered thus far, according to the sources.

Baltimore, 32 homicides in January 2022, progressive leadership is destroying the city.

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