• For the fourth straight month, California holds the title for highest unemployment rate in the nation.

• Gavin Newsom can put a positive spin on it all he likes, but ranking dead last again proves that we aren’t leading the nation; we’re falling behind.

• California ranks 40th in terms of states recovering jobs lost during the pandemic.

• California’s economy is struggling, and Democrats are to blame.

• They have made things harder for businesses and workers throughout the pandemic, from implementing the harshest shutdowns in the nation to forcing businesses to be the mask police.

• Nearly 20,000 businesses permanently closed their doors in 2020.

• Those businesses that are trying to stay on their feet faced surging crime and smash-and-grab robberies, further harming retailers in what should have been the busy holiday shopping season.

• Californians who are simply trying to make ends meet in an unsteady economy face a rocky job market, inflation at a 40-year high, sky-high gas prices and record-high housing costs.

• It’s easy to understand why so many are moving away that we lost a Congressional seat, and U-Haul ran out of trucks for Californians trying to flee.


Companies are rapidly leaving California, 74 HQs in 1st 6 mo! (9/2021)

Compared to 62 in all of 2020. Primary reason, cost of doing business, Taxes, Regulations, Talent Availability. Where are they going? Mostly to Texas, followed by Tennessee, Nevada, Arizona & Colorado. Calif #1 regulatory state. (Hp, Oracle, Tesla…etc)


Business (Apple) & Residents fleeing California (8/21)

California’s population is declining. California’s public policies slow innovation, deter new business formation and repel talented workers. A two tiered society exists: 1: Coastal Elites and 2: Lower income central valley residents.

Governor of Arizona speaks out about Arizona’s population gain, 170,000,
Second highest in US (3/21)


Larry Elder comments on people leaving California (12/2021)

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