One of the biggest issues facing the average citizen in California is that everything is very expensive!

  • Housing
  • Gas (Highest in the country)
  • Energy
  • Taxes (Highest in the country)
  • State Taxes
  • Property Taxes
  • Sales Tax

California is in effect a one party state. The “Elites” in Sacramento routinely pass legislation that financially harms those who are already struggling. California is the most over regulated state in the country. Republicans in Sacramento are doing their best to lower taxes, however there are up against a majority that seem to want to financially punish the middle class. Thousands of middle-class citizens have moved out of California due the cost of living.

Housing Trends:

Fresno, was inexpensive now expensive, link below discusses why.

Why is housing so expensive? Link below discusses affordability issues for Californians.

Where does all the tax money go?

Boondoggles! (Can you say Bullet Train?)

The web site below contains many informative links reading the BILLIONS of $ being wasted. The bullet train’s benefits were mis-represented to tax payers. The present project bears little resemblance to the original proposal (2008, Prop 1A). Cost have escalated by a factor of more than x2!!

A classic bait and switch boondoggle. This will be the most expensive construction project in human history! The web site below contains many informative links.

Medical Expenses

Potentially fulfilling a nearly decade-long push by activists, Newsom said he is ready to expand access to Medi-Cal, the state’s health insurance program for the poor, to all California residents regardless of immigration status. The state has already opened “Medi-Calto” for undocumented residents until they turn 26 and once they turn 50, but making the program universally available would be a first nationwide. The expansion would take effect in 2024 and cover about 700,000 more people, at a cost of about $2.2 billion per year.

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