Measure BCounty Wide Transient TaxNO

Enough is enough! 14% tax is just excessive and greedy. It signals mismanagement of an already enormous budget.

Measure CCounty Disposable Cup TaxNO

The fact that they passed this 25 cent fee without thinking it through isn’t the taxpayers fault. They should eliminate the fee entirely.

Measure DSanta Cruz County Greenway InitiativeYES

This article from Santa Cruz Local is a great breakdown of both sides. Read it HERE. Our committee has strong feelings on both sides. Remember, this is basically just a citizen poll, as it’s not binding. RTC has the final say.

Measure ESanta Cruz City District ElectionsNO

Representation from all over the City seems like a great idea. We would prefer a rotating mayor with seven districts instead of a four-year Mayor and six districts.

Measure FSanta Cruz Sales and Use TaxNO

With the amount of money Santa Cruz has spent on our homeless, clearly money isn’t the issue. Stop gouging our citizens, especially when the cost of living is going up up up due to inflation and other taxes.. This affects all of us, and the people who can afford it the least just don’t deserve to keep having to fork out money for mismanaged budgets.



  • Brian Dahle

Lt. Governor:

  • Angela Underwood Jacobs

US Senate: (Partial Term)

  • Mark Meuser

US Senate: (Full Term)
Mark Meuser

Secretary of State:
Rob Bernosky

Lanhee Chen

Superintendent of Public Instruction:

  • Lance Christensen
  • George Wang

Attorney General:

  • Nathan Hochman


  • Jack Guerrero

Insurance Commissioner:

  • Greg Conlon
  • Robert Howell

Board of Equalization:

  • Peter Coe Verbica

Congress District 18:

  • Peter Hernandez

Congress District 19:

  • Jeff Gorman

Assembly District 28:

  • Liz Lawler

Assembly District 29:

  • Stephanie Castro

Assembly District 30:

  • Vicki Nohrden
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