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Deadline to file papers is August 12 for the attached docs.

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CAGOP is offering FREE training through their Trailblazers program for any registered Republican looking for information on running a campaign or thinking of running for office.

They are also training poll workers and volunteers. Click to see their dates.

The only way we will get stronger in our area is to get conservatives elected to local positions. This is a great time to get even the most liberal folks thinking they need to vote differently if they want anything to improve. We are done with the failed policies of the left – they’ve been in charge for too long and it’s time to get them out!

Please contact our committee for any questions or more information. We are happy to buy you a coffee and chat about local opportunities!

Issues you care about?

You need to let your elected officials know how you feel! They legally must read and respond to every communication. The other side is relentless in expressing their voices and we need to speak up. There are some bad, destructive bills that are very anti-freedom out there and we need to let these folks know we won’t stand for it.

Congressman Jimmy Panetta:
Congresswoman Anna Eschoo:
Senator Diane Feinstein:
Senator Alex Padilla:
State Senator John Laird:
Assemblyman District 29 Mark Stone:
Assemblyman District 30 Robert Rivas:

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