Did you know there is an election today? Have you heard? Sorry, couldn’t help it.  Here’s the thing, there is no option to NOT vote.  We need to vote like our way of life, freedom and liberty depends on it; because they do. If you haven’t voted, go. Please. Go right now.  Almost 60% of Republicans have already voted in our county. If we want to make our voices heard we need more! 

Thinking about how much negativity has been thrown at our President, and how our Party is shown as reprehensible, I am impressed we are still standing. We’ve figured out that morning tv or the evening news aren’t necessary. There are other ways to get ‘news’ that doesn’t include listening to the constant barrage on our freedom. Could you imagine doing your job with incessant, powerful groups working against you every single day? I can’t. And yet, our country was thriving! If President Trump is re-elected it is in spite of all things negative thrown at him 24-hours a day. I’m very thankful for him and his family to make America priority number one. 

And let’s talk about our state. A Judge just issued our governor a permanent injunction restraining him from issuing further unconstitutional orders. This is complete abuse of power, not that it’s a surprise.  He’s the proud owner of over half of the homeless population in the nation, highest taxes, failing schools, highest gas tax, most difficult state to run a business and the list goes on and on. We all know people who have moved out.  I don’t want to. I want to stay and fight. Let’s fight for our own community and our state! Let’s open our schools and get back to work. Changing Sacramento will only happen when we elect Republicans to help balance our dark blue state.

Capitola Village has lost over 10 businesses, and downtown Santa Cruz 13 at last count. Please support our local businesses. The livelihoods of our neighbors is at stake, and anything we can do to help, we must do. 

There will be rioting, looting, burning and fury no matter who wins – only one side will be responsible for the damage and it won’t be ours.  I’m proud to be a Republican, and I’m proud you are standing up with me for FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE, FREE SPEECH (even if you don’t agree with it), JOBS, PROSPERITY, SAFETY, SECURITY, LAW, INNOVATION, LOVE.  

Here’s the thing, tomorrow will come. And the next day.  And we will rise up and be thankful for this country. With certainty, we can all be kind to each other, we can support each other and we can set an example of how to be AMERICAN first. No matter what. No matter who wins, let’s react with dignity and kindness.

I challenge you to reach out to your neighbors and have a real conversation – even if their yard signs don’t match yours. I challenge you to treat your body like it’s important – get some exercise and eat well.  Call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time.  Let’s connect – and I don’t mean on social media.  In fact, get off of all social media and talk to each other. One conversation at a time, let’s Make America Great. 

God Bless America. 

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