I’m a little shocked. Not sure why, but I am truly stunned.  We had a support Donald Trump meetup on the Branciforte Bridge today. There were at least 50 people with American Flags, Trump flags and some wonderful humans of all colors, ages and sizes participating.  I feel blessed to be among them. They were all smiling, happy and proud to be American. We LOVE this country, and it showed.  No matter the reaction from people, they didn’t waiver because deep in our hearts, we know we are right.


One corner of the bridge wasn’t so sweet. There was a group of young ‘ladies’ who were holding a host of signs – mostly BLM and terrible, awful things about our President and a few rainbow flags, too. When a woman with a handicapped placard tried to park, they screamed at her and when she finally did park down the street and was riding by them on her wheelchair, they yelled, “F-you” (but said it) to her. She wasn’t sporting any Trump gear, flags or anything but a blue medical-style mask.  It’s appalling, actually. Then, they attempted to block a man – who happens to be a hard-of-hearing Veteran with a prosthetic leg, from parking in a legal parking space. And when he did, they accused him of trying to hit them with his car. There is a photo of a woman walking toward the car as he maneuvered into the spot. The police came. These young people are ridiculous.  


But here’s the thing, they were angry, abusive, immature, and couldn’t put a sentence together.  They couldn’t hold a conversation without raising their voices, or swearing about our President. The moment of truth came when one screamed like a child, ‘nah-nah, nah, nah-nah-nah, nah, nah……. ‘ (I could add twenty more, but you get it). They expected us to engage in some sort of confrontation. A few of our people wanted to, I could tell.  It’s upsetting to be confronted with lies, and total malarkey, but it doesn’t change minds to engage.  These people have been brainwashed from a young age, and actually think they are doing the right thing.  


My point in telling this story is this: These are not the people we are fighting. They think so, but it’s not true.  We are fighting FOR them. Sadly, they are our future if we stop fighting. If we stop showing up for our candidates, they win. If we disengage, we lose. 


By nature, Republicans are polite, tolerant, friendly folks who mind their own business. That’s not going to win this election. By the looks of enthusiastic Trump rallies, gatherings, and even a bridge meetup in Santa Cruz, California on a Friday afternoon, something is shifting.  


Keep showing up, Santa Cruz. We need you. More than ever, we need you to vote. Drop your ballot off and bypass the post office if that is important to you. Everyone in your household needs to vote. Follow your ballot and make sure it’s counted.  We don’t want to get to the end of November and think we could have done more. Thank you for caring. Thank you for making a difference one conversation at a time, and thank you for not engaging with the lame girls who won’t get it until they look back and realize how dumb they were for believing the lies fed to them from a young age. Forgive them, Father for they know not what they do…  

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