Join us this Friday to meet the hardest working Republican in Sacramento! Kevin Kiley is fighting to get our kids back to school quickly and safely, as well as many other battles on behalf of common sense Californians. His book, Recall Newsom: The case against America’s most corrupt Governor will be on hand if you’d like one, or just stop by to say hello.


From his humble beginnings as a Los Angeles school teacher, this Harvard and Yale grad has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to Sacramento – and to the conservative movement.


If you don’t have his book yet, pick one up at the signing for only $15 and meet this impressive legislator. This is an event you won’t want to miss!


To get the address, please respond to this email,  Members automatically receive locations in their communications. We will also have Recall Newsom forms available to sign.


Friday March 5. 2021 4pm to 6pm

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