Mission for the Santa Cruz County Republican Central Committee

1. Ensure all Central Committee seats are filled with clear-eyed, collegial Republicans,

2. Make sure Central Committee subcommittees are chaired and staffed,

3. Assess a matrix of elected and appointed offices in the County and who is currently in those offices,

4. Seek high quality Republican candidates for those offices,

5. Seek to increase the Republican voter base in Santa Cruz County with voter registration tables and events,

6. Increase Central Committee Membership,

7. Raise money to ensure continued viability of the Central Committee and funding of slates to educate local voters,

8. Run well-managed meetings, which allow room for participants to share ideas yet hold to a reasonable agenda timetable,

9. Include relevant guest speakers from time to time to keep Central Committee meetings interesting,

10. Communicate with other Republican organizations in the County and build positive rapport wherever possible.

Help us bring conservative values to Santa Cruz County.

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